Philips Innovation Fellows Competition

Philips Innovation Fellows Competition.

What are we looking for?

According to the Philips Meaningful Innovation Index, there is an appetite for future innovations to go beyond creating technology for technology’s sake, instead aiming to make a difference in people’s everyday lives. The study weighed satisfaction with current innovations by what is important in people’s lives, and only 54% of people surveyed were satisfied with existing innovations in the areas they considered to be the most important to them.


Success factors

The Philips Innovation Competition focuses on the key innovation opportunities to help people live well, be healthy and enjoy life.


Success in this competition requires:

  • Innovativeness and Creativity – we’re looking to reward new ways of tackling the innovation gap
  • Vision and feasibility – entrants will need to clearly explain both the project, plans to bring it to life, and how it can scale to help more people
  • Transparency – be specific about how the funds raised will be used to progress the project
  • Impact – successful projects will solve an unmet need and have a meaningful impact on peoples’ lives
  • Support – show support for the ideas by having a minimum of 100 contributors and meeting at least 50% of the fundraising goal

Concur Perfect Trip Fund | Concur

Concur Perfect Trip Fund | Concur.

Concur’s vision of The Perfect Trip™ is built on creating a travel ecosystem that dynamically responds to the needs of business travelers, the companies that they work for and the suppliers that serve them. Through the Concur Perfect Trip Fund, Concur is building and supporting a vibrant community of emerging T&E sector companies and helping to accelerate their growth.


With $500K fundraising, Infinit’s integrated file sharing service moves to private beta

The Paris based startup Infinit hits today a new milestone after announcing the opening of their private beta for their new P2P sharing software, along with a $500K round of funding from Alive Ideas, a fund held by the cofounders Clubic (now M6Web), as well as two early employees Sun Microsystems (bought by Oracle in 2009).

via With $500K fundraising, Infinit’s integrated file sharing service moves to private beta.


WineTech gets a boost as Balderton invests $10M in the Danish « Yelp for Wine » app Vivino

WineTech gets a boost as Balderton invests $10M in the Danish « Yelp for Wine » app Vivino.

Balderton announced today a $10.3M Investment in Vivino, a Danish startup that launched the now #1 wine app on iOSAndroid, and Blackberry. The app, which allows users to leave reviews of wines by scanning the wine bottle, now counts over 2 Million scans per month, up from 80,000 scans when they launched in April 2012.